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Equipment Policy

  1. Boats, rowers and coxswains are designated in three classes: Green, Yellow, and Red. Rowers may use any boats in their classification and below (e.g., Yellow classed rowers may use Yellow and Green boats) and may have different classifications for sculling and sweep rowing. In general, rower/coxswain classifications are defined as follows:

    • Green: Novice rowers and coxswains

    • Yellow: Intermediate level rowers and coxswains (generally 1-2 years experience). Yellow level scullers will require an advanced sculling certification by the boat house manager.

    • Red: Highly experienced rowers and coxswains (generally 3+ years of competitive rowing experience or significant rowing experience). Red level rowers sitting in bow seats and steering 4x/- boats must have toe steering experience.

      In 4x/+/- boats, at least 3 rowers and the coxswain must match the boat classification (e.g., in a Red 4+ boat, three rowers and the coxswain must have Red certification), In 8+ boats, at least 5 rowers and the coxswain must match the boat classification. Note: a less experienced coxswain may be allowed in a higher level boat if the stroke seat guides the coxswain through the row and extra care is taken in launching and landing boats.

      Boat classifications will be indicated by tape on their racks.

  2. Any club members using club boats will have a certification initially set by the boathouse managers and reviewed by the VBC Board of Directors. Members who do not agree with their classification may appeal to the Board of Directors. The boathouse managers will maintain a current listing of all certifications.

  3. All boats must be signed out when on the water and signed back in at the end of the row. Before taking out a boat, you must confirm it is not already reserved by another member in the club boat reservation binder during the time you plan to take it out.

  4. Boats may be reserved up to four weeks in advance, and for up to two hours at a time. To reserve a club boat, sign it out in the reservation system. Boats cannot be reserved during practice/instruction times for the Learn-to-Row, Intermediate, and Competitive Programs. Please visit the Programs page for their schedules. During those times equipment may be available, but cannot be guaranteed. Program and practice times will be posted at the boathouses and on the club’s website.

  1. All boats must be cleaned and dried after every row. Any damage must be immediately reported to the Boathouse Manager in writing. If a damaged boat is not rowable or safe, the last user must put a note on it. The Board of Directors reserves the right to assess the cost of repairs to boats damaged due to negligence (e.g., rowers using equipment above their classification).

  2. Club boats may be taken to regattas only with the Club permission. Prior to a regatta, individuals and crews will need to coordinate with the Boathouse Manager/Director of Rowing to ensure that sufficient transportation arrangements are made for the boats, and all club equipment.

  3. All members must adhere to the VBC safety guidelines at all times.

  4. Failure to comply with the Equipment Policy could result in expulsion from the Virginia Boat Club. 

    Revised 2014

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